Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nappy Nalloween!

When I bought this, I read: Halloween. One day, it dawned on me that my mind had corrected the error without even noting that an error had occurred. Now, it makes me laugh whenever I look at it. Somehow the N stands out more in this photograph than it does in real life.

Also in the spirit of Nalloween, the following pictures are of Amelia and Chris's poor dogs dressed as Snow White and some kind of Super Dog. Most pictures of pets in costume are kind of cute, but these - well, frightening is more accurate. L.J. looks a bit angry (or disgusted) for a super hero, and Jezza Belle looks a bit like the Ugly Duckling pretending to be a swan, don't you think. I'm hoping Amelia doesn't read this entry as she is rather sensitive about her baby.


  1. FIRST OF ALL - LJ is dressed as ELVIS "The King" - and he LOVED it. He flew through the air and caught frisbees in this ensemble! (Although, he does have a superman costume as well....that will be coming soon)

    SECOND OF ALL - Jezza is a beautiful Snow White - she is insulted by your comments... and mortified that her grandmother would say such mean spirited things about her on the internet. She told me she will remember this come Christmas time......

  2. I can't believe you could talk about your precious little granddogs like this on the internet. Shame on you!! I thought they were absolutely adorable especially the little Boston.


  3. LOL!!! Is it me or are the two doggies grinning. They seem pretty darn happy about their costumes, LOL!


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