Sunday, September 11, 2005

wine and memories

Susie and I drank wine and reminisced (and we do have a few years to reminisce about- 40 or so) for hours Saturday afternoon. She would start a sentence, I'd pluck one idea from that and start another, she'd take a name or event from that and digress, then I'd ... We covered no topic in depth, but covered an awfully wide range. We do the digression conversation frequently, but the wine helped keep things moving and somehow, we'd often get back to the original topic.

Bobby is still down south, living the pioneer life and cleaning up the house on the river. No electricity, no water...but plenty of heat and humidity. Susie said they run the generator (Bobby and neighbors) for a couple of hours a day and sit in front of the fan. They still can't get into New Orleans to check on the house there. Bobby was going to the river to bathe (hard to get that picture in my head) and got stung by a bunch of yellow jackets. I'm sure he's beginning to feel like Job - as are many of those dealing with Katrina's aftermath.

But Sue is here with her Mom and volunteering at Southfield school. Sounds more like a full time job, as she starts at 7:30 and gets through at 1:30 (and hasn't figured out the lunch schedule yet). She wants to help me in the yard (get over it, Susie, it is too damn hot to do all the work I need to do). Although, maybe I could divide the daylilies... Usually, I leave yard cleanup until Oct. or Nov., but this year with no rain, not much is worth keeping until then.

We're going to make postcards, though. She wants to learn how and has always been artistic - much more so than I.

OK - back to my list of chores. I'm trying to get some cleaning out of the way so I won't feel bad when I start sewing again and do no cleaning at all.

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