Friday, September 30, 2005

Edited to add names

These are the pins I received in the "I Dream of Africa Swap" Posted by Picasa

The African face - Shelley Crowe
Abstract next to it - Karen Van Hoy
Square - mine
Triangle to right - Leigh Wheeler
Triangle on bottom - Ginger Henkel
(sorry Ginger, every time I tried, the flash bleached the lovely yellows, purples, & oranges of the fabric - a hand dyed?)

Somehow, I got one of my own back (the square with the black circle), but I love the four new ones I received. Unfortunately, only one was labeled with the maker's name, the top triangle is by Leigh Wheeler. So...if any of the other swappers see and recognize their pins, please let me know! I apologize for the glare on the bottom triangle, but tried several times and each one was bleached by the flash.


  1. This sounds like an interesting swap. Can you tell me about it??

  2. The swap organizer usually closes the swap at a certain number, usually relatively small. In this case, there were 6. The participants make 6 for 6 (2-3" pins) with the "I Dream of Africa" theme. The due date for this swap was Aug. 28, however, so Katrina may have interfered or maybe some people dropped out. Participants mail their pins to the organizer with $1.00 for postage; the organizer then swaps the pins into various packages and mails them back with the new set of pins.

    The main difference from a post card swap is that the organizer agrees to the extra work, and if you don't mail your pins in, you don't get any in return.

  3. hi jen! I made the one at the bottom...I need some kind of incentive to sign my work....maybe a cool stamp or?? Ginger


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