Saturday, September 17, 2005

and so it goes...

Pictures below.

Since nothing we've done since Susie got here has been what we planned to do (plan to go shopping, we eat sandwiches and drink wine ; plan to go get shoes, we go to Superior's for chips, salsa, Dos Equis and chatting, etc.), I shouldn't have been surprised that when Susie said she wanted to make postcards, that would not happen.

We tossed around fabrics, pulling this one and auditioning against that one, choosing, discarding, changing ideas, etc. Finally:

Sue - "I really want a little bag to hold my glasses and keys."
Me - " OK." (I can save all the little postcard sandwiches I made for later. I know I'll use them, as I already have plans for postcards.)

We talk about size, find a piece of batik fabric she really likes, look for a piece for lining. Discuss size, embellishments, strap, threads. This, as you know, is a time-consuming process, but we finally make some decisions.

I cut fabric, lining, batting and get to work, as she sits next to me drinking wine (I'm on diet coke, of course, to avoid cutting off a finger with the dread rotary cutter or sewing through a finger).

Me (mostly to myself): "Ok, that's not working so well; hate that damn metallic thread," "You want this kind of circular design for the quilting?" "Where's the magnifying glass? My scissors?"

Susie, looking at a gardening book: "Oh, I like this color. I'd never have chosen that color, but it looks so good." Sip, sip, flip page. "Look, they have that giant hosta at Kyle's school." "This deck, see."

And we actually converse with each other some, too. About husbands, children, friends, gardens, books.

We take a break and eat the chicken salad from Margretta's delicious recipe (think black olives, artichoke hearts, water chestnuts, and uh, chicken). Then she hurries me back to the machine (her own personal sweatshop), and we talk and laugh and make decisions about the little purse until 5:30 when she had to leave.

I work a little while longer, then decide that the wine is too much to resist and leave the purse until this morning. Finished a little while ago, and it now awaits approval from Sue.


  1. a lovely little bag Sue should like, know what you mean about metallic thread!

    love all your postcards too, hope Sandy's arrives eventually,

    sorry if this shows twice but I just published and it didn't show

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Nifty little bag, I'm envious. Jen


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