Sunday, August 28, 2005


I'm going to use this draft as a place to record the Simple Still Life process, but won't post until later. I'm not sure if the idea is to post as we complete or wait until closer to the deadline.

Debated about technique. Intended to piece, fuse, or applique in original ruminations on the subject. The idea of dealing with so many leaves and with the shiny candlestick and shoe presented stumbling blocks. Ideas percolated and surfaced and nothing really caught my interest. Then I noticed some of my lovely wool and realized I had some of the important colors for the still life photo. Hmmmm.

Took a scrap piece of felt, green wools, and began needle felting. After some time passed, it began to look like leaves and shadows. Put in white for transparent glass ball, a little gold to represent candlestick, very faint, not recognizable. Omitted everything else in photo and just went with leaves, ball, background. Improving...liked the colors.

When I finished the needlefelting, the piece appealed to me. Quilted the piece with a musling backing. Added another backing. Auditioned bindings and liked the same black and white I used for Startled. Finished applying the binding and the contrast is nice.


This is the finished version. I wanted a wavy border, but didn't make the waves deep enough.

Below is a detail.


  1. Jen,

    Very pretty!! How did you get the sparkles?

  2. I love this very Mattiseish,
    can imagine the depth of the felting with doesn't show on screen and like Mary what are the sparkles?

  3. How cool is this! I am so inspired by this.

  4. I love the sparkles. Needle felting...looks great. Very nice

  5. That is beautiful! I want to do one!


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