Thursday, August 04, 2005

Simple Still Life challenge, Quiltswap, pc swap

I've been working on this challenge for a couple of days, and since the rules are so flexible, I'm liking it. If the rules were rigid, I'd have to start over because there is little resemblance to the original photo. At first, it seemed very difficult, but eventually, I decided on a technique and began experimenting. As previously noted, the freedom allowed in the challenge makes my piece OK. Have finished the design and the quilting now. Decided on backing and shape, but have a few questions about what I want to do next and have put it aside now while I make up my mind. Only one entry is up, and there is still plenty of time left.

Have tried a couple of times to put the Simple Still Life logo on my blog, but when I do, it moves everything else, so I've had to remove it each time.

I've also begun taking some photos for the next phase, in which we create our own photo from which to develop our designs. This aspect is fun as well, and I've got a few more ideas I want to try.

The project for the Quilt Swap has been up on my wall for a good while now. Instead of aiding in my decision making process, the darn thing has become invisible. I tend to completely forget about it.

I'm also involved in the postcard swap hosted by Lisa of Musings of a Procrastinator Extraordinaire and am looking forward to this swap, but have done nothing on this project yet.


  1. Jen, if it's invisible there must be a reason. Why not make it really invisible and take it off the wall? Put it away for a few days or a week, then take it out again and turn it upside down or sideways and look at it. Ask yourself what would happen if you sliced it up and put it back together differently. Or,try rearranging the pieces if it hasn't been sewn together.

    If your pieces turn out differently from the plan, that is good. That means they are growing organically and becoming what they are meant to be. Hey -- what in life ever turns out as we planned??

    Re: photographs as take-off points for quilts, that's exactly what they should be: take-off points! Inspirations and sparks for creativity -- not meant to be reproduced. I'll see if I can find the piece from my workshop that was totally abstract, starting from a non-abastract photo. I'll post it.

  2. You are right. I just realized that 1) there is an awful lot of competing stuff on the wall and 2) I really wanted to work on several smaller projects. I think I will take it down, clear off some of the competing visual clutter, and then try putting it up again.


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