Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Postcard Swap Process


This is a draft that I will publish 2 weeks after mailing postcards in September.
After deliberating over several ideas (which I may try out after completing this set), the black/ white/ red abstract idea has begun taking effect.

I need 9 postcards for the swap and wanted to have some continuity in design or motif, but not identical cards. So the color motif is my first attempt, partly because I really like the black and white fabrics and wanted to play with them. The red is the added zing, but I think a lime green (if I had enough) would also be good with the black and white.

Having done no sewing for several days, I was determined to get started. Although they are not supposed to be mailed until at least September or posted for 2 weeks after mailing, it seemed a good way to get busy and also would take one project that is hanging over my head out of the oppressive ether and into the real world (where it may actually be completed).

I have 2 more to make, then they all will have to be quilted, embellished, backed, bound, etc.

August 11

I have finished the fronts of all 9 cards, quilted them, and trimmed them to size! Now... what about embellishments? I've already spent so much time on them, whatever I do won't be much...maybe a few beads. Still have to do the backs and finish the edges.

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