Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Life after 50

On a doll list, I wondered about how many women experienced a creative surge after turning 50. Using that date as a marker is somewhat artificial, but does seem to be an appropriate, if approximate, plateau for many to begin assessing what is important in their lives. Often by this age, people are about finished with the most pressing needs of family and career and find themselves with more time and energy to devote to something else.

In response, some replied that a serious illness or physical problem influenced their need to create. Using the creative process as a means of healing is becoming a standard part of therapy in some cases. I read recently that knitting provided many of the same benefits of yoga - and I certainly believe that.

Art therapy, which was discussed on the QA list, has always seemed to me a wonderful and rewarding career - beneficial to everyone involved. Art (including, maybe especially, drama and dance) has been used to help turn around problem adolescent behavior. Seems like common sense, doesn't it?

Creativity isn't limited to the arts and there are many outlets that allow people to enter that "zone" or "flow" that suspends time, offers one challenge after another, give the opportunity for problem solving, process, and product (tangible or intangible).

I'm interested in all aspects of creativity, and I know that I made some conscious decisions shortly after turning 50 that have evolved and transformed from the original decisions, but have improved the quality of my life.

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