Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina - still creating havoc

Erin's house in Baton Rouge escaped serious damage, but the house next door was the recipient of quite a few examples of tree invasion. Erin got in last night about 11:00, and Eric was on his way to Jackson yesterday afternoon, but we haven't heard from him. Their cell phones only say, "All circuits busy" - quite understandable since their area code is 225. I was unable to get in touch all Sat. or Sun., but she managed to call a couple of times on a land line to let us know she was fine. I was so glad that I brought Mila home with me...at least we knew she was safe and that made things a little easier for Erin and Eric.

Now, we are waiting on word from Eric who probably has encountered wind damage, etc. in Jackson where the power was out yesterday.
(have now heard from Eric - no electricity or gasoline in Jackson, but he's fine)

I'm just so thankful that our loved ones escaped the brunt of the storm and that Chris St. Pierre's family are so good about evacuating. Susie and Bobby and their kids are safe; she is at her mother's in Shreveport, so I'll get to visit with her for awhile. Maybe as long as 6 weeks. Our thoughts are with all those who are suffering the effects of this horrific storm and with those who are providing aid and support.


  1. I'm glad you and yours are safe.

  2. Jen, I was glad to see that you posted and that you are safe.

  3. Yes, this is good to read of your safety in the midst of so much tragedy. hangeth in.

  4. Jen, I was thinking about you and your family the other day hopeing you all are safe and sound ... glad you posted so we know your all ok.... someone looking out after you up there!!



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