Friday, August 12, 2005

Items found in organization attempt

Fleamarket miscellanea (watch part, mah jong pieces, old match book, tintype, old ink wells, tickets to the Disabled American Veterans of the World War (WWI), one white leather glove - there should be two, but where is the mate?)

And found natural items, which I put in plastic bags and store in assorted places where I can't find them. Oak gall, lotus pod (where did this come from?), lovely bark, wasp nest, fuzzy seed pods, lichen, Chinese Tallow seeds... All necessary items. Right?


  1. ABSOLUTELY necessary! Wow, just thinking about the possibilities in drawing them... printing with them... photo transfers....

  2. I used to do a lot of mail art and collage, but some of my junk comes from an almost lifelong fascination with fleamarkets and antique shops. Since I often couldn't afford anything large or expensive, I became fond of portable treasures. :)

  3. jen i saw all kinds of dolls in your found stuff!!! esp the mah jong pieces.

    plus some collages as well,

    makes me want to go clear out some things and closets...

    lynn(from wild dolls )

  4. I really love all the natural things,
    would make a great starting point for 'simple still life'

    I too have 'lots' of things I have collected over the years and most have memories attached to, a walk on a beach, a market stall,


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