Wednesday, August 03, 2005

dentist, Appalachian Spring, titles, rabbits, etc.

Dental appointment this morning. Not the best way to start one's day, but my dentist is great and so is everyone who works in his office.

Took forever to get home because of road work, but I didn't mind much because NPR was playing "Appalachian Spring" by Aaron Copeland. If I could have danced professionally, that would have been the one thing I'd have loved to perform in; the music and the choreography and the costumes...just lovely beyond words.

Titles have been discussed on QA recently, and I enjoyed reading all of the comments. Titles are difficult for me, despite the fact that I find the titles of others' work one of the crucial aspects. The stories behind quilts also provide interest - and reading about what goes on as the artist creates adds to my pleasure. In my own work, stuff just kind of materializes. I may actually have a sketch, but what turns out is often so different that no one would be able to associate the original sketch with the final product. Mary M commented on my latest experiment, and I had no backstory at all. Until I sewed on the stars, I was puzzling over the grim expression on the character, then decided that the expression had to do with his/her surprise at finding the stars migrating to (or from) his/her hand. The androgyny of the character also puzzles me. I intended a female form, but what resulted is definitely ambiguous. Maybe that is one reason the piece became burdensome, it had no direction or help from me. I need to consult with Fee on some of my work since his imagination and facility with language could help. Several years ago, I used some of his tiny poems for mail art which was fun and could be a source of some small pieces.

Rabbits. I used to love Peter Rabbit and his adventures with the "awful" Mr. McGregor. My sympathies have certainly changed in the last few years as the rabbits in our neighborhood, and most importantly - my garden, have multiplied exponentially. Another hyacinth bean vine hangs detached from its roots and slowly drying out. Our dogs are useless. Mac loves to go bounding after a rabbit, but it is purely exercise. The Have-a-Heart trap yielded no results and with the numbers climbing so quickly, I'd need dozens of traps...if they worked.

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  1. OOOH....when I looked I immediately thought of the pattern and textures of the fabric piecing...Ginger


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