Saturday, July 16, 2005

Virginia Spiegal fund raiser

I mailed my check this morning for the purchase of Peg Keeney's lovely work Serenity #4 and can't wait to receive it. From her comments, Virginia A. Spiegel's Fiberart For A Cause (American Cancer Society Fundraiser) has far exceeded her expectations. I included two of my postcards for auction after much debate about having mine show up with some of the marvelous ones I've seen on the site.

The work that goes into managing something like this must be tremendous. Can you imagine: 1) keeping up with all of the emails? 2) keeping up with the pics on the site (posting the new and moving the sold to another page) 3) checking to see how folks want the cards mailed (as postcard or in envelope) 4) having all of those mailed as postcards hand cancelled (at my post office - God love 'em - the line is always lengthy) 5) handling the checks and depositing them ...
I know that isn't all there is to it, but the task is clearly time-consuming, to say the least.

On the other hand, the tremendous response that causes so much work has raised a great deal of money for an excellent cause. Hats off to Virginia Spiegal!!


  1. you shouldn't worry your work is right up there with the best!! good for you for donating!!!

  2. Wow, how exciting!! How are you going to display that lovely card you got?

  3. Not sure yet. I have a lovely piece by Sonji that is matted on black and slips right into a frame; Hobby Lobby has mats on sale, so I'll try to get by and pick some up. :) I now have a "collection" of two! Hey, it's a start!


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