Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I've been working on several projects and trying to post one, but having difficulty with Picasa2...or Hello...or my technical skills.

I have gotten a good bit done on the quilt I might use for the swap. Now it is up on the wall with scraps, cording, and other embellishments pinned to it. Will leave it for another day or so before trying to make any decisions.

Taiji Legacy is this weekend in Dallas, but now there is some question about whether Fee will be able to go. Oh, and Thomas sent me a link that listed our names as qualified for the Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championships. Thomas is seriously considering that tournament, but I'm just hoping I'll make it to Dallas this weekend.

**Erin and Eric are going to Jackson later this week to look things over in advance of their prospective move. Erin will have to take the Mississippi bar exam in order to practice, and that will not be until February. I worry a bit about her having to handle everything herself in B.R. since Eric will have to be in Jackson in August. The house will have to be sold (or rented) and Erin will have to work, care for Mila, and see about the house while he is gone. They will have to make do on one salary if Erin quits and joins Eric in Jackson, and that will be difficult! On the other hand, they are capable people and don't really need my worries.

Fortunately, Jackson is a straight shot to the east for us, so it isn't as if they are going to be much farther away, just a different direction.

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