Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Orlando tournament

Whew! I'm back on and can post something besides pictures.

The tournament really was a great experience and a chance to see some of the people we've met in Dallas at Tai Chi Legacy and in New Orleans. There were judges, special guests, and contestants from San Francisco, Ohio, Connecticut, New York, several Florida schools, Massachusetts, Mainland China, Taiwan, etc.

Met Jan and Carmen when we saw Jan practicing and after admiring for awhile, Fee suggested we go down and meet him. We spoke to Carmen while we watched, and she told us he had a school in New York: Tai Chi Chuan for Living. They were both so nice, and I hope we have the opportunity to see them again at other tournaments. Jan took first place in Wu Style men and his son, Jan, Jr., took second place.
Just visited his web site; no wonder, we were so enthralled as we watched from the balcony!

Talked to Carmen again on Sunday, and discovered that her three boys are also very talented. Devin (almost 16?) has a job waiting for him when he returns to New York ... designing for Baby Phat ( ) !!! Now that is impressive. And I have an autographed sketch, which I'll post when I get the scanner hooked back up. So Devin, when you are rich and famous, I'll have a framed copy of one of your priceless early sketches.

Siu-Fong Evans was the head judge in the Wu ring, and she performed a fan routine at the Masters Demo. She was absolutely enchanting! Such a vivacious performance -- lovely, graceful, and charming.

There was so much more, seeing everything was just impossible. Visited with Pamela, whom I met at N.O. Tournament, and Bruce who was at Master Lee's seminar earlier this year. Practiced push hands with Lori (Glen set this up, and I'm grateful). Nina is always talking about Lori's push hands, and she is right. Maybe she will be at Tai Chi Legacy at the end of the month.

Ok, long post. Just one more thing, Glen's Baqua routine and Mike Rowe's routine (at the Masters Demo) were excellent, as always.

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  1. I took tai chi and chi gong for about a year and loved it. I couldn't describe to others how it really felt to "feel" the energy as an almost tactile thing while I did it. I was always shocking myself when I touched things.


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