Thursday, July 21, 2005


Since I rarely go anywhere that I need anything special, shopping for clothes is a rare (and unpleasant) experience. Not that I don't love beautiful things, I do, but without the occasion to wear them, my money can be better spent on things that bring immediate gratification - read sewing, crafting, etc. However, through a series of unremembered links from one site to another (but at some point ending up with Kaffe Fasset), this site Peruvian Connection appeared. If I had more social situations and had plenty of money, I could spend a ton of money here. Oh, and if we had a real winter...


  1. HI Jen

    How I long to be back in LA....
    we lived in texas for a while .. not long enough for my likings... I love all and everything about LA.
    I have a friend in LA who he and his fine lady have a bakery ... when we went to visit him he gave me a KING CAKE ... how lovely I got to bring it back to canada at that time... everyone was looking at it on the plane wondering what I had. Of course I had to show them and tell the the story about it... we have been to mardi gras twice both times before the event when its not so busy there it was great... When we moved here to england we had a mardi gras party that was such a big hit... fancy dress as well .. (costume) I made some crawfish ettouffee and red beans and rice everyone loved it .. let me know sometime I will post the pics on my blog for you to have a look.

    Dangling by a thread

  2. I like the line of reminds me of my favorite designer line (if I could afford it) Eileen Fisher.

  3. Sandy, I bet your Mardi Gras party was fun and the food sounds wonderful - especially red beans and rice. A culinary experience for the Brits, huh? Once when a friend and I were in London several years ago, we went with a large group to a restaurant that was supposed to serve Cajun food. Hmmm, Cajun without hot and very little spice. On another trip with my daughter, she took her own Tabasco sauce. I prefer Louisiana Hot Sauce.

    I'd love to see your Mardi Gras pics and will check for them on your blog.

    Oh, and more pics of Hammy the Hedgehog!

  4. Karoda, just looked up the Eileen Fisher fall line! If I only had a lot of money and some place to go.


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