Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ready or Not

I think everything is ready. Our flight leaves at 7:00 AM; not the original schedule, of course, which was at the much more comfortable 11:00, but so it goes.

Amelia is keeping the dogs (Bless Her Everlovin' Heart), and when Fee took them over, he said L.J. and Jezza tried to teach Mac and Belle how to use the doggy door by running in and out...over and over. Our dear little pooches are reluctant to accept the fact that a human isn't always availabe to open the BIG door for them.

Watered and watered and watered, and I'm still praying for rain. Red is going to come on Friday and see about things in pots and so forth.

I'm working on beading "Geometric Brights" and debating about whether or not to take it with me. No, yes, no...maybe.

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  1. Jen,
    This is the only way I can think of to get a message to you. All of the emails I send to your email address bounce back as undeliverable to that address. Maybe that explains why you're not getting Ringsurf emails, either.

    I can't put the ring code in this comment as Blogger doesn't allow any html code in comments! If you have a fax number, email me ( and I can fax you the code to type in.

    Very strange, but I can't get an email to go through to your address at all.


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