Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Preparing for trip

We are leaving on Thursday for Orlando, and I've got to quit delaying and get organized. I've been working on projects as a way of avoiding thinking about what needs to be done. This is when I'm most productive, when I need to be doing other things and don't want to.

I'm nervous about the competition, about not knowing what to do, about forgetting my routines, etc. Excited? Not in a good way because competing is nerve-wracking and with over 900 competitors (although not in my specific forms), I don't want to be awful.

Anyway, "Leaves in Wind" is finished except for sleeve and label. Posting pics.

Working on "Geometric Brights."

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  1. are you competing in tai chi? or ?? leaves in the wind is lovely I think homely...in the best sense of the word...is a good decription...the brown is so warm and comfortable feeling...have a good trip! Ginger


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