Sunday, June 26, 2005

And so it goes

One entry found for homely.
1 : suggestive or characteristic of a home 2 : being something familiar with which one is at home "satisfy themselves with houses, furniture, books and clothes that were worn and homely and friendly to the touch' -- Brendan Gill 3 a : unaffectedly natural : SIMPLE b : not elaborate or complex 4 : plain or unattractive in appearance- home·li·ness noun

Finished free motion quilting on "Leaves in Wind" last night using metallic threads. I left some raw edges on this one, so washed it to see the homely (in it's best sense), wrinkly effect. Having prewashed all of the fabrics, the effect isn't as pronounced as I'd like, but the piece is more homely (again, in it's most positive sense); it is softer, slightly raveled, less crisp, and more comfortable. Next step, embellish! Is it a contradiction? Homely/Embellished?

Fee, dear husband of 33 years, ended up out of town again last night, so I've saved the movie for tonight. He is trying to get everything done that he can possibly anticipate before we leave on Thursday.

I, on the other hand, am trying to ignore everything I should be doing in preparation.

Finished Elizabeth and After by Mark Cohen last night. Will look for something else by him. Now, I need to finish Sailor on the Inward Sea by Lawrence Thornton. I've been enjoying this because it is a fictional examination of Marlowe and Marlowe's influence on Joseph Conrad.

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