Sunday, January 02, 2005

Stairs and Squares: A Walk Through the Sky Garden

Here is the piece I have been working on. Thought it was finished when I took the photo, but realize now that the blue center square with the Chinese coin is not sewn on. Small detail that may not be attended to for some time as I've lost interest in it. Originally, I had all the fabric pieces left on my design wall from the one I disassembled (and which eventually evolved into Asian Rhythm and Blues) and thought about trying to create a trio of similar small quilts. Now I have 2, but don't know about pursuing a third in the series. Short of fabrics for one thing; tired of fabrics for another.

So for now, at least, there are 2 of these. With a possible third in the works.

My intentions for improvement in discipline have not yet become manifest. Delaying tactics are in full force, and I've already wasted much of my morning. Still, I want to keep trying, and when things settle down, maybe at least a partial success will materialize :)

High on the priority list is completion of some of the tasks I'd set for clearing out, organizing, finishing details on studio - that have not been on my radar screen for awhile.

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